Monday, November 16, 2009

Average cost of a wisdom tooth extraction? And a cheap dental plan? help?

I have to have a wisdom tooth out, soon, but my insurance wants an outrageous amount of money and I can't find comparitive prices online. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place? I don't know anyways what i need is a cheap Dental plan and to know about how much it costs for a wisdom tooth extraction please thank you. Best answer to the cheapest/most cost effective insurance recommendation

Average cost of a wisdom tooth extraction? And a cheap dental plan? help?
I would encourage you to visit this website.

I signed up with them online over 3 years ago. They have helped me save thousands of dollars from extractions, root canals, cleanings. I know for a fact that all services are included especially orthodontics and cosmetic surgery for the entire family in the benefits. They had my membership active in 2 hours and was able to use the same day. I am very thankful that I found them. Check to see if they are in your area.

Good Luck. Hope this helps
Reply:Well I'm from Birmingham, AL I don't have any insurance and I went this dentist and he charged me $75 dollars to pull my wisdom tooth. You can't beat that. Try calling around to local dentist and see will they work with you. You will never know to you ask.
Reply:Do you have impacted wisdom teeth, ie, growing in sideways?

Look, if the plan is cheap, there is a reason it's cheap, it forces you to pay more of your bill.

I might suggest talking to your normal dentist about your situation. If he has to send you to an oral surgeon, that may or may not be more covered by your plan.

My two siblings and myself had our wisdom teeth extracted by oral surgeon because they were impacted. With any surgery, it gets expensive fast. You may have to save up to get the procedure done, or see if they have payment plans.

One last thing, insurance is designed for your full participation for the long term, not short term. It burns me when people join a plan, extract out more $$$ in service than they ever paid into the plan, and then drop it. That's called theft.

I had a co worker join Kaiser, had some warts removed from his feet, then tried dropping the plan. Guess what, Kaiser sent him the full bill for his procedure and he started complaining. He was disconnected from reality! Please don't fall into the same trap.


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