Monday, November 16, 2009

Will Obama have a national dental plan?

If Obama is elected as president do you think he will have a national dental plan that will cover gold teeth and grills?

Will Obama have a national dental plan?
Oh, I get it, it's a clever reference to African-Americans. Ha ha ha.
Reply:no he wont

Republicans help the democrats out of this mess

Switch parties in the remaining primaries and vote for hillary

The democrats made it simple to do as they allow reregistration up till the day of election in most states.

she needs to go over 60 percent to win
Reply:I could use it %26amp; wife is a hygienist.
Reply:only if he needs to pull his foot out of his mouth or pay to wash out his wife's anti american mouth
Reply:No, Neither will we have nation wide health coverage. Because no one including myself is willing to pay 60 to 80 % of their income in taxes like they do in some other countrys like canada.

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