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Dental payment plans,quick question please?

I was wondering,when u go see a dentist for any procedure,tooth pulling,crown,filling etc. If u dont have the cash up front,can they bill you or do u have to pay something right there? i am short on money and have to go to the dentist.can they bill me payments without pputting moneydown? or at least,tak what i can give? how does it work? much appreciated

Dental payment plans,quick question please?
If it is an emergency situation then, in my experience, they will get you in as soon as possible and bill you later, unless you don't have insurance, then they generally don't want anything to do with you without cash up front.....good luck!
Reply:They use to do billing, but all the dentist in my area (az) have started with money up front no billing..

So .... I thinking it will be pay upfront. Call the dentist and see what there policy is.
Reply:i think if you let your dentist know that your short on money, they can work it out.
Reply:It depends on the dentist you go to. It's really up to them. You have to ask around private offices.

If you have a emergency go to the hospital, they have to see you even if you don't have money

Why don't you ask for free dental care on yahoo answers, You'll never know unless you ask.

maybe you'll get lucky, I would do it, if I were a dentist and I felt someone really needed help.
Reply:Each dental office will have their own financial policy. If you have seen this dentist before, they may be willing to work with you on payments, and can put a plan in writing that will work with you and the office. If you are seeing a dentist for the first time, the office does not know you and has no history with you, so they may not be as flexible with payment plans.

A dental office is a business just like any other. When you go to the grocery store or the hair salon you are expected to pay in full. Your dentist is providing a service to you and financial arrangements are made as a courtesy to patients.
Reply:Some dentists will charge you the difference, you would have to contact the dentists office. Also pain control is part of the plan maybe you have a infected tooth and will require an antibiotic. I would carry the required forms.
Reply:my wife gets her dental at the dental school call a university
Reply:Phone a few dentists and ask if they allow people to pay off the bill if it's very high. Tell them you don't have insurance but need to see a dentist.There's a lot of people in the same boat as you who need dental treatment but don't have insurance and can't afford to pay cash up front. Don't feel embarrassed about asking either. You don't need to give your name and all they can really say is yes you can pay it off or no you can't. If you can pay it off ask about a deposit etc and how much they would expect you to pay weekly, fortnightly etc and also how long you would have to pay it off. Hope you find a dentist who will help!!
Reply:If someone you didn't know approached you on the street and asked you for a loan, would you say yes?

Bottom line is, you are asking a health-care professional to loan you money for your dental treatment, without any previous relationship. A dental office is not a bank, mortgage company, or credit card agency. They don't have the resources to collect if you stop paying.

It's just silly to expect people you don't know to give you money out of their own pockets so you can take care of their teeth. Yeah, they care about you as a human, but they have to pay bills just like everybody else.
Reply:Most dental office's offer payment plans on service's for patient's without health insurance.However they require you pass a credit check and usually ask for 10-15 percent down payment.Some office's are very flexible (Think Private Dental Office's).Private offices have tendancy to be more flexible with payment options and could wave the first initial down payment. Or you could really lucky like I did, and find a great dentist who worked with me when I neither had credit nor money.

It all best advice... should you want to go this route.Is to call several office's and check your options.

Should you want to go another route... Call your local community health department and or visit a community social worker and ask about what dental services are offered in your county for those with limited to no income.The resources they will provide you with should include, low-cost or no cost dental care in your community for free.

Good Luck
Reply:call around to dental offices. each office will have their own rules about payment, but most will ask for payment at the time of appointment. call your local ER or health department for a referral to dentist who caters to low income/non insured patients.
Reply:some do, some don't. you have to ask each dentist. if you live near mexico you can go there; it is much cheaper.

Where can I go to get health care regardless of my ability to pay?
Reply:Most dental offices have some sort of payment plan. It really varies between each office. Also, even if they have a payment plan, some will require a small payment up front the day of your procedure.

If you are looking into longer term financing plans, I would try either Care Credit or Capital One Healthcare Finance. You can search on their websites for dentists in your area that accept the card. It is similar to a credit card (for people with no insurance or low income) and they have various repayment plans (like 3-12 months no interest or 24-60 months low interest). You can also apply online and have the card pretty quickly.

Check them out and see if they can help you (I just used Care Credit to pay for my $1200 wisdom teeth extractions).


Hope this helps!
Reply:Most offices expect payment at the time of service. Most accept major credit cards, if that is a option.

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