Monday, November 16, 2009

Dental coverage?

my boyfriend is in desperate need of dental work. he needs surgery to aline his jaw, and crowns, and fillings. you name it the boy needs it. its killing me to watch his teeth wear away. he wont brush them because they are too painful to touch. the problem is he isnt on any kind of dental plans, since his ever so nice parents kicked them off of theirs. he is 19 years old, and cant get coverage through his work, and ive searched for other plans but they wont cover him until he is 21. does anyone know what is the best way to get him dental insurance. im willing to pay whatever it takes to get this done for him, but he needs aprox 10-15000 worth of work so a good plan would realy help. thank you for any ideas. it would really help.

Dental coverage?
Yes--I do. As a matter of fact there is a discounted Health Benefits program that he can get. The dental plan is only $19.95 per month and with it he also gets vision, prescription and chiropractic. There is no limit on visits or services. ongoing dental problems are accepted, except dental and orthodontic treatments in progress. Instant savings. No age limit No paperwork and no waiting period he can use his card as soon as he gets it. He can even go to a specialist if needed and he can change dentists. Need more info please contact me.
Reply:Visit my site for information on dental benefits starting at 19.95 and will give you coverage right away so he can get that work done. As soon as you enroll contact me so i can walk you through how to use your benefits. Report It

Reply:I wonder if he could get some help at your county health department. I really don't know if he could, but it might be worth a try.

Good luck!
Reply:The first thing your boyfriend should do is see a dentist, have a full mouth series of x-rays and have a full new patient examination, just to see where all the problems are. Depends where u live, but here in Canada, there are private insurances, but they are very expensive and the coverage is pretty shitty. He can get dental work done at the dental school, but the appointments are long, very long, because every step the students make, the dental instructor has to check it. He has to be "accepted" as an interesting patient. The fees are pretty cheap, just to cover the materials. He can get a good cleaning by the dental hygiene students as well, for free, or just a few bucks. Is there any way u can speak with the parents and tell them the issue, so maybe he can get back on theirs? Also, many insurances won't cover a child if they are on their own and working. Many will cover a full time student up to the age of 25. He has to get dental work or he will lose all his teeth due to periodontal disease. Good luck with things.
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In earlier days getting dental insurance quote was a

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