Monday, November 16, 2009

I need a dental plan!! ASAP.?

Hi, I need a dental plan for myself. I run a very small buisness and am a single male, mid 20's no family. I'm in need of a basic dental plan. Any ideas? Prefer one out of Tampa, Fla (or one that will work in Tampa.

I need a dental plan!! ASAP.?
There are a number of possiblities as a self employed individual!

Please educate yourself however

about all of them and how to use them. That way, you will

not just be paying money to the co. and get nothing in return.

Let us know if you have further questions. Or email.
Reply:I heard that , oh never mind, I forgot the name of the plan and you live in Florida, so I think they were only for the west coastal states anyway...... Someone will be able to help you on here, I'm sure ....Good-Luck!
Reply:I'm sorry to say, there is no such thing as a good individual dental plan.

The only way a dental carrier can make a profit is if they take in more in premiums than they pay out in claims. Selling a plan to a large group is profitable only because not everyone in the group will use it.

An individual WILL certainly use it, so there is no reasonable way for the insurance company to make money, unless they charge as much for the plan as they pay out - more in fact.

Last time I heard, there is nobody giving away free money. The best thing you can do is put some money aside in a savings plan and pay cash for your visits. Most dentists will give a small discount if they don't have to file claims or wait for the insurance to pay.

If your small business expands to 10 or more employees, you may be able to buy a group plan that includes dental.

The above site has numerous companies providing a dental cost share plan: i.e. they agree to pay a particular set rate or percentage of the procedure if you go to participating dentists within their network. The site offers plan comparisons and lists the shared cost rates.

The parent company is Delta Dental. However, the plan is not inexpensive for the HMO dental insurance.
Reply:By far the best site is What you will get for a one-time yearly fee is a network of dentists in your area that agree to work for significantly reduced rates. You can prequalify the particular network to see which dentists in your area accept the plans, and then even call the dentists to see exactly what their prices will be if you are are on the plan. There are several competing "networks", so take your time to pick the one that makes financial sense. I used one of their plans a few years ago when I needed surgery, and the plan cost me $79 for the year, and it reduced the cost of the surgery by 40%. there was no waiting period, and the surgeon was one of those recommended by my general dentist.

they also have excellent telephone support... call them to ask for help with terminology. You can do this even before becoming a member of one of the plans.

Good luck
Reply:I have a great dental plan that is only $11.95 a month for an individual, $19.95 for family. Email me and I will send you the info if you want it. It covers about 60-80%

I already bout ones, they are not selling real dental plans. THEY ARE STILLING PEOPLES MONEY. They send me card with Cigna name on it. Cigna is a good company. When I tried to use it, this plan became not a Cigna dental. I contact - they just charging money. I spoke with my dentist; he said that, I am not a first one who got these problems with
Reply:Here's the one I use. I think you can sign up today and start using it immediately.
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