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Dental Insurance? Does anyone know of any good plans?

i need dental insurance that covers pre-existing cavitives where you dont have to wait forever (6 months or less) before you can have them fixed. the cheaper the better. Thanks for your help

Dental Insurance? Does anyone know of any good plans?
Most people will wait until they need something done so all dental insurance (except some groups) have waiting periods.

You have four options with dental.

1. Visit a local dental school. You can get many procedures done for a reduced price if you're willing to let them practice on you.

2. Insurance - Depending upon the policy: cost $30-$60 per person per month. You pay a $50 deductible first, they have an annual maximum that they'll pay per year of $750 - $1500, they have a waiting period up to 6 months for minor work such as fillings and you'd pay 20% of the charges; and 18 months for major work and you'd pay 50% of the charges. Example - average cost for one white filling in my area is $121. With insurance you pay $25 after paying 6 months of premium (around $300 to $360). Advantage - you can use any dentist with most plans.

3. Discount plans - Cost - $5-$12 per month. No deductible, no annual maximum and no waiting periods. Also, hardly any dentists will accept the plan and when they do you MIGHT get a 10% discount, which is about the same discount you can get by paying cash. Example - average cost for one white filling in my area is $121. With discount plans you pay around $109. Be very wary of these plans because most are scams. The people that sell these plans have little or no knowledge about health %26amp; dental insurance and do not need a license to sell them. The plans are not regulated by the state so you have no recourse when you have problems. Some states are starting to ban these plans from being sold. Here is an informative link concerning these plans.

4. Fee for Service discount plans - Cost $7-$15 per month for individuals. No deductible, no annual maximum and no waiting periods. Many dentist will accept the plan (check providers first before signing up with any plan). When you use the plan there is a set fee that the dentist will charge you. Example - average cost for one white filling in my area is $121. With fee for service plans you pay as little as $48.

I'm an insurance agent and my personal plan is the fee for service plan. I got mine here specifically the Aetna Dental Access plan but which one you get depends upon your area and comparing the fee schedule to find the best for what you need covered. You'll have to do the math for yourself to see which plan is better.
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Reply:I'm sorry to say, there are no good individual dental plans. An insurance company must take in more in premiums than they pay out per year to be profitable. They can do this in a group, but it makes no sense to offer coverage for an individual.

Beware of so-called "dental discount plans." The state of Montana sued Ameriplan and won on charges of insurance fraud. Many dentists don't take these plans, and the ones that do often "bait and switch" in order to make up for deep discounts.

You'd be better off finding a financing plan such as Dental Fee Plan or Care Credit.
Reply:say you want cheaper the better, then you get what you pay for.Now the dental insurance that I have, I pay thur my job. I pay $2.87 before taxes a week,the company I work for pays the rest. On cleanings, fillings, x-rays the basic stuff I'm covered 100%,on pulling teeth, crowns,root canals, etc. I'm covered 80% and on partials full dentures,etc I'm covered 50%.I had just gone to the dentist two weeksago to have a crown done on one of my teeth, it only costed me $20.60, the insurance company paid the rest, the end of the month I'm going to have a cleaning,x-rays,etc and I'm not going to have to pay a dime. I doknow what would costed without going thur my place of employment, but you can always check these things out, my insurance is Dental Delta. Good luck.
Reply:This Dental Plus Plan costs just $19.95 a month.

You can save a lot of money. My husband and I have saved a bunch. Please check for the following:

1. Details of the program

2. Dentists on the Plan in your area

3. Cost for the procedure that you need to get done

These are available on the web site. If you need additional help, you may contact me.

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