Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dental Care for Native Americans?

My friend asked me if Native Americans recieved some kind of free dental plan that covers getting "new teeth" put in. I had no idea and I was wondering if anyone else has heard of such a thing.

Dental Care for Native Americans?
People who are enrolled tribal members of federally recognized tribes qualify for Indian Health Services. IHS provides a variety of services including Dental Care. In order for an eligible person (see first sentence) to receive services through IHS, they must go to the IHS clinic and receive services there. You couldn't go there and get veneers but you can go there to get a tooth filled or pulled. Most IHS dental clinics do not offer anything above 'basic' dental care, i.e. no braces, crowns, etc. The "plan" (as you put it) is not transferrable to other providers and can only be redeemed at an IHS clinic. Usually services are free or low cost to eligible patients (see first sentence).
Reply:IHS will get you a 'partial' that lil plastic thing with teeth on it, but NOT the dentures. YOU pay for that yourself.

The funding for IHS is part of the bill the govt has with many tribes for harvesting natural resources, timber, water, mineral rights, etc. So in the end it really ISN'T free. We're paying for it ourselves.

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  1. I will have to correct you. Native American dental services are free. They do give you nice dentures. My father and stepmother have a pair and they are beautiful. Not sure where you get your info but make sure you investigate before saying its not good service.


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