Friday, May 21, 2010

Who has a discount dental plan? is it worth it?

do u also have insurance? where do u have it?

ty for your answers

Who has a discount dental plan? is it worth it?
i have looked at these plans. for the amount they cover they dont seem to save you much especially if you take into account the months you pay for and have nothing done. also in my area few dentists accept these programs. the only ones i have found are huge multi dentist practices (like aspen) that employ many new dentists or foreigners. most dentists will make a reasonable payment plans or have plans available from credit companies. even people who have dental coverage from their jobs find they are covered less every year,

i wonder if the people who post the links to the insurance/discount card sites get a kick back of some sort. if you check their posts they consist of the same link given over and over and almost nothing else.
Reply:would encourage you to visit this website.

I signed up with them online over 3 years ago for all my dentistry work without age limits for almost the same reason as you. They have helped me save thousands of dollars from extractions, root canals, cleanings. I know for a fact that all services are included especially orthodontics and dentures in the benefits. They had my membership active in 2 hours and was able to use the same day. I am very thankful that I found them. Check to see if they are in your area.

Good Luck. Hope this helps

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