Friday, May 21, 2010

What is good individual, insurance dental plan?

I only know of one good individual dental plan, you can get it at, and I love it because it has no waiting periods. The other plans I looked at would have me waiting 6 months to get my tooth pulled. This one covered me right away, and I could see any dentist I wanted, no list of providers. What I liked was the deductible, it was only 100 bucks and once I met it, I was set for as long as I have the plan. Most plans make you meet the deductible every year, but not this one. It is very affordable, and I have already saved hundreds! Good luck to you.

What is good individual, insurance dental plan?
Check out Aetna Dental Access. It is not an insurance plan but it allows you access to their network at preferred rates for dental work. It is inexpensive for the saving you coould have on dental work. Most of the time you are going to find the best dental insurance plans through an employer.

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