Friday, May 21, 2010

What is the best dental plan/or insurance for restoration work?

I am seeking an insurance plan or discount program that handles restorative work and implants unless someone knows of something new for teeth that have been knocked out or broken off . Looking at the entire upper mouth front and 2 molar on one side. Money is an issue but so it this persons emotional welfare. What type of program is best for this extensive work? Does anyone know about costa rica dentists? I hear they are cheaper and they can do the work at just a few sittings%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;

What is the best dental plan/or insurance for restoration work?
Insurance, no matter what company it is from, is never as good as you think it is. You usually have waiting periods, this means that there are certain dental procedures that they won't pay for until you have been on the insurance plan for 6-12 months. This doesn't help you much if the first procedure you need is one of those procedures not covered. They have all types of rules, provisions, and limitations that anyone who does not have a great deal of dental knowledge (terminology, definitions of types of dental materials, etc.) would be completely confussed by. I told one patient once how much her dental insurance would cover on a procedure and she was really upset that her out of pocket was so high. I asked her how much she paid monthly in premiums and we figured it up that she paid about $1,500 in insurance premiums. Her insurance maximum (the maximum amount that an insurance company will pay a year for a patients dental care) was only $1,000.00. She was giving her insurance company $500.00 for doing nothing. I recommended that she take what she paid monthly in premiums and put it in a savings account instead. At least that way she would have full use of all the money she put into the account and could pull out money when she needed work done. The discount plans actually are not bad though. It is certainly better to pay $200 for a filling than $300. That is how those plans work. The dentist agrees to only charge you what price the plan sets.
Reply:Good answer from Huskymom. Only problem with the "plans" is that you don't have complete freedom of choice picking the dentist that you choose. And doing "the work at just a few sittings" shouldn't ever be the criteria used to pick a Dr.

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