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I'm 19 years old, no dental insurance and bad cavity no clue what to do.?

Hi, I just turned 19 four months ago and have never had a job, but plan on getting one this summer to help pay for college books etc. That being said, I have two cavities on the upper part on each side of my jaw. One of them hurts alot when I try to go to sleep at night. Now I can only eat on one side of my mouth, but I don't want the cavity that doesn't hurt to get worse. I haven't been to the dentist in about 10 years and don't have dental insurance any more. Since I don't have a job I don't think I could get insurance. Even if I just got a job, i'd propably have to wait for insurance. I would like to get my tooth fixed as soon as possible so it doesn't get worse. I still live with my father and rarely ask him for any money because i'm 19 and would feel embarrased too, but am willing to ask for some money for my teeth. I would like to save as much money as possible to get the one painful tooth fixed, and pay my father back as soon as i get a job. Should I get a dental plan? What are my other options to save on money when going to the dentest.

Also I would like to know some good tooth pain medicine to help me sleep at at night, and does Dent's toothache gum (that old time red gum you fill a cavity with) work?

Thank you for taking time to read this. I know it's a lot, but is greatly appreciated. I really don't know what to do.

I'm 19 years old, no dental insurance and bad cavity no clue what to do.?
Oh you poor sweet thing! I certainly pitty you. I'm 30 and I had a cavity last winter that hurt worse than giving birth. no kidding.

First, lets address the pain. Use anbesol or orajel liquid toothache relief. It's in the dental care aisle. I went through 3 bottles of this once. The pain was horrible. I shudder thinking about it. Get a whole bunch of Q-tips for application ease. Then take 2 Aleve before you go to bed. This should be considered a temporary fix.

Second, call your local department of jobs and family services or the United Way. They may have a "211" program set up in your area. (211 is the number to dial when in a social crisis). They (the United Way) will be able to link you up with local clinics or dentist who provide services to people without access to insurance at a discounted rate. Some offer 50% discounts.

Third, Daddy love you hun. I'm sure he's had a toothache in his day. If he's anything like me, he never wants to see his child suffer the pain of a toothache. Tell him what's going on. I'm sure he'll help.

I hope you feel better. Good luck!
Reply:Borrow the money for your teeth. It's worth it. If you can't get the money from him, go to a dentist and work out a payment plan. Most dentists will work with you. Another option is to go to a dental school. The students work on you so it's at a reduced price, but they are supervised by the teachers who are certified dentists. Good luck to you!
Reply:I'm sorry.

I don't know what to say about getting it fixed.

Orajel (baby or adult strength) works real good.
Reply:Try going to a local university that has a dental school. Sometimes they offer services to the public for very low rates (student dentists supervised by faculty)

I sympathize - I've got dental problems too and I can't afford it either.

P.S. - Some local anaesthetic like oraljel can help in the short term but its not a feasible long-term solution (ie - if not treated it will likely get worse)
Reply:Try to find a Dental School. Many times they will work for free or reduced fees. Students do the work under the immediate supervision of a teaching Dentist.
Reply:go to free clinic please hurry you don't want an absences
Reply:First, get some Listerine, that was the ONLY thing that saved me for a month when my tooth broke in half! Use it like 3 times a day.

Second, if you need a root canal and crown your looking at A LOT of money, you might want to have it pulled and have the one that isn't hurting fixed.

You might want to call around to some dentists and tell your situation and see if any of them would be willing to look at your teeth and give you an estimate of what your looking at cost wise.

Then ask your Dad for some financial help, don't let it get to the point of wanting to die because it hurts SOOOOOOO bad, it's not fun!
Reply:If money is an issue, you should go to a dental school for dental care if there is one near you. Typically their fees are about about half that of a private-practice dentist.

There are no home remedies for fixing cavities. The longer you let it drag on without professional care, the more expensive the problem will become.

Hope this helps, and good luck.
Reply:Go to your local health clinic, they have dentist there and they help people without insurance! they will either charge you nothing or a small fee usually. I had to do it right after my graduation and they did it for free!
Reply:Call a dentist and see if he/she will take payments. If not, it's not that much (probably less than $100) to get filled.

You need to get it filled or eventually your tooth start chipping off. If that happens your problem will be worse than it is now.
Reply:You can get your teeth fixed without dental insurance. Don't wait if you are having problems. Don't be too proud to ask your dad for help. Pay the dentist bill in cash. I don't have dental insurance either. I just pay the dentist every time I go for my checkup. When you are done, start taking better care of your teeth. You won't have these problems.
Reply:The bad news is that if you dont get it taken care of it will only get worse and abscess and may cause you to need even more work than just the cavity. If you a student look into student dental coverage through the university. It isn't exactly the least expensive, but it is better than none. Also, most dentists will allow you to go on a payment plan of some sort. It took us 2 years to pay off some dental work my wife had done.

As for the dental gum, it only fills in the hole, it won't kill the infection. Cavities are caused by bacteria which eat away at your tooth. Once it is inside your tooth it has to be cut away then sealed in order to repair the damage.

Your only other option is to pull the tooth and treat the hole with antiseptic to keep any infection from getting in the socket. This will however do you no good if the root is already infected.

Best of luck! Try the migraine strength Tylenol to help with the pain.
Reply:Check around ... many cities have lower cost dental clinics and the teaching hospitals also offer low cost dental because it gives their students a chance to practice on real people (under the guidance of their professors of course). Then, choose a place, make the appointment and borrow the money you need because dental pain and infection will really screw up your health in no time.
Reply:First off there are no options on saving money at the dentist. The prices are just what they are. It seems to me that you're starting to get an absest tooth if you don't already have one. Borrow the money if you have to but unless you wanna loose you teeth they need to be fixed. Since you don't wanna ask your dad for the money here's an idea. Go get a job so he can see you're starting to be responible and then ask him for the money and tell him you pay him back as soon as you get paid. It's not gonna be cheap though so you'll probably have to spread out your payments. Also, Yes you need a dental plan. Rub Bengay on your jaw where it hurts.
Reply:First, good old ambesol(gel-less messy) and advil, for pain and inflamation of the gums. If there is a hole, then yes after cleaning your teeth ,putting pain gel on it, you can put a temporary filling in it until you get to the dentist, but remember, it's only ment to be temporary!! Next, you need to find your local COUNTY HEALTH CLINIC, all county health clinics have some sort of health care for people who either have medi-cal, or no health insurance at all!! A lot of them will refer you to their dental plan, with a pay scale(you pay according to your income) Seeing as you don't have an income they'll work with you on that as well!! Get your teeth taken care of though, an infected tooth can become very dangerous for your health!!! As far as getting insurance, you might want to go to your local SOCIAL SERVICES and apply for medi-cal, I believe depending on where you live, you will qualify for medi-cal until the age of 21yrs.(which cover all eye, general medical,and dental, with either full coverage or partial co-pay plans) so you better take advantage and apply now!! Unfortunatly our health care system/insurance, sucks and is very unafordable for us working class folk!!!!!!
Reply:ASK 4 HELP!!

My sympathies for your tooth problem. Don't worry, if you need the money really bad to get your tooth fixed, I am sure your dad won't have any problems lending it to you.

It will cost anything between 100-150 per tooth depending on the type of filling you are going for. You could get a dental discount plan but the cost savings may not be much.

Just check with the locally available dental plans and their costs for fillings.

You have many options to get your teeth fixed:

1. Register with a local reputed dental school. Ask them if they will take patients. Most will do the work for free. You will be in hands of student dentists with supervisors around.

2. Go to your local health clinic. Most will have a dentist. You could free treatment or pay a small fee.

3. Talk to local dentists and chalk out a payment and treatment plan. This will be the paid option and you may need your father's help. But you can pay it back later.

I think a lot of people have given good suggestions here. Try them you should be fine.
Reply:A dental school is your best option. Try your local technical college. The one by me only does cleanings, no fillings, but yours might so it's worth checking out.

Sears Dental offers payment plans on their CareCredit. You charge the initial fee (like a credit card) and then have monthly payments. The good part is that if you can pay it off within 18 months, then there is no interest fee.

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