Friday, May 21, 2010

Where can I find a dental plan now that I am disabled and on ...?

SSI Disability. Medicare is taking too long. I am also looking for a reasonable vision plan. Any help out there??

Where can I find a dental plan now that I am disabled and on ...?
Ameriplan- discount medical and dental

individual dental plus package:11.95 mo

household dental plus package:19.95 month

inv med and dental:49.95 mo

household med and dental:59.95 mo

there is always someone you can get in touch with to answer all of your questions


dee bentley

i work for ameriplan and have the household dental plus pack- it comes with prescription, VISION, and chiropractic Free- no catches

i can explain further if you would contact me via phone or email?
Reply:If you're at least 55, then join AARP. After joining, you will be eligible for AARP member discounts on dental insurance. I looked into it for my dad, and I think it was about $500 to $1000 per year, depending on what plan you choose. AARP also offers vision discounts.

If you are already on disability, you probably qualify for Medicaid. My mom is on Medicaid, and she got it right away.
Reply:I have a good dental plan it always save me money every time I use it. It's not insurance but a dental discount plan. No limits on visits or services, no age limit, no waiting period, specialists included! This plan does have their own providers but a very broad selection. Save anywhere from 50% to 80 on most utilized dental procedures such as exams, x-rays, teeth cleanings, fillings, root canal, and even crowns! The plan is only $11.95 a month for an individual or $19.95 a month for household. You also get 3 additional benefits free with the plan vision, RX, %26amp; chiropractic!

Get more information at:

At this same website you will be able to find out what dental providers are in your area that accepts this plan, just click on the tab at the top of the page that says Find a Provider.
Reply:Precious has been spamming Yahoo! answers for a long time, trying to advertise a multi-level marketing scam.

Dental discount plans are not a good value for the money. Keep in mind, they are completely unregulated, so if they misuse personal information, or fail to deliver what they promise, there is no recourse for the consumer.

Please do research on these so-called "discount" plans, and you will see many, many unhappy customers.

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