Friday, May 21, 2010

What is the best individual dental plan?

I looked on a site called, but was a little confused on which was the best deal... i just need a cleaning and a couple fills... thanks for your help

What is the best individual dental plan?
Individual dental plans are usually not helpful for you unless you need a lot of work done. Even then, most plans only cover up to $1000 or even $1500 of treatment.

At the office where I work, we charge $110 for a cleaning and exam. If you have a checkup every 6 months, thats $220. Factor in a couple of fillings and a crown and you're looking at another $1200. So, that's about $1500 out-of-pocket for the year.

With insurance, cleanings are usually covered at 100%, fillings at 80% and crowns at 50% up to your yearly maximum. So, given the above example of treatment, you'd still pay about $600 out of pocket plus your monthly premiums.

Just make sure you factor all the numbers to make sure the plan is definately going to be worth the expense. You're better off getting a plan through an employer if that is possible at all.
Reply:I needed a 4 cavities filled in Oct of 2005 (4 @ $185 each)

waited till I started my new job and got the dental insurance

In May 2006 - started using ToothSoap - finally got in to see the

dentist Jan 2007 - NO cavities! the stuff works

it re-enameled my teeth! - tell them Tom sent you!

maybe I will get a star!

the first one is more $ because you buy a book -

but they have specials to save you money

my first jar of 'shreds' was supposed to last 2 people 3 months

I have been using it since May of last year - and have 1/3 left

using it by myself


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