Monday, May 17, 2010

What's the best dental insurance?

I don't get a dental plan with my current employer so I was wondering what plan would be very cheap on me because I have a lot of cavities [ about 20] and to get them all done would be a fortune. So I was wondering, what's a good provider in IL for dental care.

What's the best dental insurance?
The best dental insurance isn't.

Check eHealthPlus out and make sure they have

denists in your area. Search by full address.
Reply:You won't find a cheap plan on your own that pays worth a darn. They tell you they will, but they won't. My advice is to push your employer to offer dental. Sorry for the bad news.
Reply:Good evening,

My name is Juanita. With most dental insurance there is a limit on your yearly allowance. So you may want to find out what it would cost in total. I represent a company that offers a discount on dental and/ or health programs that can cover your entire household starting at $19.95. The Dental Plus package includes dental, prescription, vision and chiropractic with a savings of up to 80%. There's no waiting period and no limits on your visits/ services. For more info visit my web site at: If you have any questions my contact info is on my site and I'd be more than happy to assist you.

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