Thursday, November 12, 2009

Do most dental plans pay for teeth whitening?

I have pretty good dental insurance... will this cover a whitening? What does it usually run?

Do most dental plans pay for teeth whitening?
Reply:You will have to look at your insurance but I know several do not cover it because it is considered 'cosmetic'. I have fairly good dental as well and mine doesn't cover it because it isn't neccesary, its just for looks.

Depending on where you go it could run several hundred, just like anything else you would have to search around for the best price.
Reply:No, because whitening is considered cosmetic
Reply:No. That is considered cosmetic, and something you do not have to have....It is considered a luxury.

Your dental plan only covers so much of cleaning, visit and so much of work done......

The price varies depending on the brand that the Dentist is using.........He can answer any of your questions, and he will be glad to do so. Good luck.
Reply:I use Liquid Paper
Reply:Dental Plans

this one is very cheap and good.I have used it for 3 years!

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