Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dental plans,and being able to afford the treatment?

If one was to have dental insurance and under went a dental procedure could he work out a payment plan with his dentist,instead of paying the lump some all at once?

Dental plans,and being able to afford the treatment?
Some dentists will do this. They might have a loan company they work with. If it is just a regular dentist they might let you do this, but make you pay off the bill before they do the treatment.
Reply:if you mean for the balance the insurance doesn't pay yes most dentists operate that way.
Reply:I have found that by saving to my acct. about 30 bucks a month set aside covers me just as good as a dental ins or discount plan. it takes discipline but I feel in control of my money and the accomplishment of taking care of myself. as for a payment plan check of Caremark? a division of GE credit, it is a dental payment plan?
Reply:most dentists will allow you to do this, just ask up front
Reply:Been there...Done that...Your dentist / dentist office will give a yes or no, pick up the phone %26amp; call,ask if you can do that. Also ask if your dentist office honors the name of the dental plan you have.

I had to drop my dental, and went to a place called Castle Dental. If you don't have insurance they have a credit card that can be used there at that dental office %26amp; is only for dental work thru them. I had $1200 of needed work %26amp; was a monthly pymt of $99.

You do have to be approved, fill out a form %26amp; only takes 10-15 minutes to have the results.
Reply:You have to work this out with your dentist. Everyone has different credit policies.
Reply:I have a dental plan that I use with my insurance. When I have dental work done I give them the card to apply my discount first (up to 80%) then the remaining balance is then submitted to my insurance co. which is really low. I had to pay very little. The site is . Think about it, because it really helps. It's only $11.95 per month and there is no waiting period, the savings are immediate.

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