Saturday, May 15, 2010

Credit Card ? I'm needing to get dental work done fast.,I've wayed out all other options schools,etc.

The only dental school I can go to in Louisiana is booked for two months and then they tell me after the 2 months your 2nd visit could be 3 months after that,so that's not even an option at this point.Next,I have a decent dental plan that will help with the high cost a little bit. But!! I'm still looking at paying at least 2,500-3,000$ with the dental plan.I'm in school not very much moo-lah at all.My dad is willing to cosign for me for whatever.So I looked into care credit but the dentist that accepts the plan they don't accept care credit or vice versa.I need the work done bad and fast.So I'm willing to just pay for it .I need a decent regular loan or credit card maybe to pay for this.Either one will help.Do you guys have any suggestions or know of any loans or particular cards I may be eligible for and if so I'd prefer not to involve my dad,but he's willing to co sign.Sorry so long and remember...I KNOW ABOUT DENTAL SCHOOLS,NOT AN OPTION AND I know about Care credit.Thanks

Credit Card ? I'm needing to get dental work done fast.,I've wayed out all other options schools,etc.
First off you need to know how much you can afford on a monthly basis. If you have 200 a month to put toward paying this off than that is one thing, a credit card could work fine. Can you upgrade your dental coverage at work? Have you searched for dentists that have in house financing options? Aside from traditional credit cards check the peer to peer lending sights like Whatever you end up doing it is a good idea to start up a savings account with automatic saving so when unexpected expense occur you are ready for them. Good luck
Reply:If possible go to a non-prophet clinic because they get grants for low income people who cannot afford dental care. If you are eligible then you would only have to pay a flat rate of about $45 a visit (regardless of the procedure). You may have to wait awhile like the school you were talking about but if you cannot afford dental care, then the lower rates will outweigh the wait. But if you are impatient then you will have to pay for it...a simple alloy filling cost anywhere from $75-$175.
Reply:Based upon others judgement will not get the wise decision.However,other's suggestion might be helpful.Here is a good resource for the question.

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