Saturday, May 15, 2010

Carington dental discount plan?

Can someone please tell me about your experince with caringtondental dental discount plan. I plan to go for it.

State : IL

Carington dental discount plan?
First of all, before you get it, make sure there is a dentist in your area that participates with it... go to Careington's web site and type in your area code to get a list of providers.

Dental discount plans are exactly what they say: you pay a discounted fee for dental services. It doesn't mean you get less-quality care, you just pay a reduced fee since the dentist agreed to be a participating provider.

Just please make sure there's a provider close to you... there are too many people who think they're getting a great deal with discount plans, sign up for them, and then realize they have to drive quite a distance to find a dentist who actually participates with it.

Best of luck to you~

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