Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dental Discount Plan?

Looking to sign up with "Preferred Network" Dental Discount Plan and was wondering if anyone out there has used this plan before? Have checked it out the savings are about the same as any other out there and they have 8 participating dentists in my area and 2 oral surgouns compared to others which have none or just 1 in my area and they say you can use it within days of signing up. Would like to know about past experience of people that have used this plan Thank You

Dental Discount Plan?
It's just what it say DISCOUNT some of the fee for service have already been deducted from the actual fee leaving a balance due. You should request a list of the providers services which will show you the actual fee you will have to pay out of pocket. Depending on the type services provided and the type of service you need this could end up costing you a lot. Only a small percent have been deducted from the services provided before hand.Plus some providers require payment in full before services are provided reason being a lot of people do not pay their bills. This business is the dentist lively hood if everybody owe him/her money for services employees would not get paid nor will the dentist which mean the office will have to close.

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