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Dental insurance supplement/gap providers?

My husband is active duty military and we received dental as part of our insurance coverage. While the regular visits for cleanins are completely covered, everything else is paid on a split cost (at my husband's rank, our share averages out to about 50%), plus we are responsible for the difference in what the insurance says is the allowed fee and the actual fee. We also have a yearly cap of $1500 per family member, and this include things like braces, extractions, etc. While we are fortunate to have any coverage, we are struggling to pay our share of the fees (example..out of $5000 in braces for oldest, military only paid $1500 as that is the yearly cap). Does anyone know of any supplementary dental plans?? I'd appreciate any suggestions (I only work PT and am a student).

Dental insurance supplement/gap providers?
Unfourtuantely, this is what most dental ins. providers cover. $1500 yearly max is actually pretty good. Plus a lot of insurance don't cover orthodontic work, so it's really not that bad. I find that most people have this problem, thinking their insurance actually covers more. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I know tons about dental ins.
Reply:My wife and I have a benefit plan through Ameriplan and on braces you would be able to save up to 60% depending on what part of the country you live in. On other dental procedures you can save up to 80%. The best thing is that this plan includes vision, chiropractic, and prescription savings as well and it only costs me and my wife $19.95 a month and that includes the whole family.
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Reply:You can get a lot of saving on this program;


Braces will cost only $2200 With your military payment of $1500 , you would have to pay only $700 extra.

It does help, doesn't it?

But first make sure there are dentists that accept this program in your area.
Reply:Here is a site where you can view a host of supplemental dental providers listed by region.

Reply:Hi Annie! I too have dental insurance that doesn't cover everything... those costs can become WAY too high. I just use a dental plan in addition to my (meager!) insurance. If you want a coupon try going to an affiliate site like and you can save 10% a year. There are about thirty different plans to choose from 80$ a year and up. This is a great way to save thousands, and has worked well for me. Please BE CAREFUL that you are not going to a fraudulant site! There are a lot of scam artists out there and you have to be careful. If you go to there should be a coupon you can click on, or get the coupon code and you can call the direct company and save money (and actually speak with a real person!) This has worked well for me, and my family...I hope everything works out well for you. Thank your husband for serving our country and a big thank you for being a supportive wife!
Reply:Please visit You will get lots of helpful information to get free or low cost dental work.

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