Saturday, May 15, 2010

My employer does not offer medical/dental: what is a good dental plan for me?

I have a dental HMO through Dental Health Services and it blows, they barely pay for any of the services and when they do pay it is almost nothing, like 5-10 bucks. As if that wasn't bad enouth, they make you stick to one dentist that rarely answers the phone. All this for $20 a month...

Can anyone recommend a good dental insurer?

My employer does not offer medical/dental: what is a good dental plan for me?
I have personally used the services of Excellent customer service and you can even check the availability dentists and fees in your area before signing up,. I also used a 25% discount coupon code "vote25" and saved even more, so for a $119.00 plan, it only costed me $89.00 and Vision and Prescription savings are also included.
Reply:A good dental plan is to brush and floss twice daily.
Reply:I'll copy my answer from a similar question:

You will get many responses from sellers of on-line based Ameriplan, a discount plan that depends on health care providers who agree to discount their fees in return for a list of patients.

Be very careful before signing up for any such plan. In order to make overhead, the provider must make up for the discounts some other way - either by raising their fees or adding treatment not covered under the discount.

Speaking from experience in dental practice management, overhead runs 60% to 70% in most offices. To discount 25% means no profit and thus no reason to take on Ameriplan patients. Something has got to give.

There are some organizations which can give you the buying power of a group. Try AARP, or a local association of self-employed people.
Reply:Check out You can compare health and dental plans.


Good luck.

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